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Product Name:Top Bee Pollen, 100%Natrual Tea (Green)Bee Pollen, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Pathogenic Bacteria,Whiten, Lose weight,Anticancer,Prolong Life, Health Food

Specifications:200g,400g,600g,800g,1000g/bottle ,100bottles/box ; MOQ:100Boxes.

*100% natural tea (Green)bee pollen nutrition value and function:
100%Natrual Tea bee pollen:Tea pollen is orange, smell fragrant, sweet and tasty, taste good.The amino acid content among the top of the various pollen, trace elements and blood acid content is higher than other pollen, also rich in niacin, folic acid, fatty acid, protein, vitamin, active enzymes, and other effective active ingredient, nicotinic acid and unsaturated fatty acid and B vitamins than other pollen content is high.
It has the effect of regulating endocrine, maintain skin deeply, and can effectively prevent the skin of all kinds of bad phenomenon, enhance skin vitality, beauty and anti-aging effect is very obvious, is the best of women raise colour, thin body beauty.It can also be regulating lipid, refreshing, enhance the excitability of nerve and prevent hardening of the arteries and inhibiting tumor cell growth, the high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, hepatitis, constipation, alzheimer's, children's mental retardation, neurasthenia, and prostatitis are very good treatment effect.So the tea pollen for beauty care, medical and cancer the first choice of pollen.

Tea pollen:Amino acid content is pollen, trace elements manganese, cobalt, aluminum, and nicotinic acid content are higher than normal pollen.So for health and medical preferred pollen.For high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic constipation and neurasthenia have obvious curative effect.
Tea bee pollen also have clear leader, except polydipsia, phlegm, xiaoshi, diuresis, the efficacy of detoxification.In addition, the organic material such as rutin in tea pollen can enhance the intensity of capillary wall in the body and prevent the capillary permeability barriers, especially to prevent cerebral hemorrhage of knowledge workers, vascular sclerosis, age-related diseases such as hypertension, stroke sequela.Tieguanyin tea bee pollen for headache, confused, upset and thirst, food retention of phlegm stagnation syndrome, especially on the knowledge workers and the elderly have a diet and cancer prevention, are white-collar workers, knowledge workers and the elderly health food of choice.This product can also be generally bee pollen to eat.Suitable for young and middle-aged women and older men.
*100% natural tea pollen and function
1.Enhance human immunity
Contains a lot ofin tea pollen to make new cells protein, amino acids, carbohydrates and vegetable fat, timely supplement because of mental Labour and physical Labour and consumed by a large number of cells.
2.Gain weight, lose weight
Tea pollen is rich in natural vitamins, minerals and nucleic acid, can promote the metabolism of fat in the human body, into energy release, is the "balance" of human body.
3.Lower blood pressure, protect the heart:Tea pollen of selenium, active enzyme, biotin (vh), copper, magnesium, iron, zinc, titanium, such as calcium can enhance the detoxification of the cell to gobble up ability, ability, coordinating ability, strengthen the body's resistance to harmful substances.Nucleic acid can protect the normal cells in the pollen, repel cancer cells, is the "patron saint" of the body's immune system.
4.The platoon poison to raise colour
Tea rich in pollen of nucleic acid, can improve liver function, increase the manufacturing ability of nucleic acids, amino acids, can enhance the capacity of liver cells detoxified.

5.Adjust the endocrine, improve the symptoms of menopause
Research shows that women in menopause, as a result of ovarian hormone secretion disorder, are prone to boredom, irritation, vomiting, fatigue, the symptom such as sweat, tea pollen have very good improvement effect of the above.
6.The failure, anti-aging
Tea pollen contains many elements required in the human body, can increase the activity of sod in the human body, promote the synthesis, eliminate toxin, anti-aging, beautiful young man.

7.Improve intelligence, improve sleep, improve memory tea pollen in a variety of unsaturated fatty acid, phosphate, active substances, such as to nourish and improve the function of nervous system, can promote the development of the nervous system of teenagers, enhance memory, effectively prevent brain function decline, effectively improve the symptom such as insomnia, forgetfulness, headaches, nervous.

8.Prevent stomatitis, oral infection, the flu
Tea pollen of vitamin b group, contain nicotinic acid nutrients, has special effects to prevent stomatitis, oral inflammation, nucleic acid ability mouth necrotic cells regeneration, wound healing effect is remarkable.Vitamin c in pollen cells connected each other, help collagen synthesis, can prevent the virus invades, prevention of influenza.

9.Hematopoietic, improve the symptoms of anemia
Tea pollen is rich in copper, iron, magnesium,
Green tea is a kind of precious and noble tea, drinking green tea is not only a spiritual enjoyment, is a way of cultivate one's morality raises a gender.
The effect of green tea: green tea catechins in the class material can resist UV - B cause of skin cancer, tea polyphenols is water soluble substances, wash your face with it can remove facial fat, convergence pores, often drink green tea can resist radiation, whiten skin, keep skin tender, help refreshing pick-me-up Of tea caffeine can cause human body central nervous excitement, enhance the excitement of the cerebral cortex process, refresh, sedative effect.
The taboo of green tea: dry skin don't wash a face with green tea, more is not to say that drinking green tea can exposure to the sun, that is too extreme. Tea polyphenols has a strong resistance to oxidation and biological activities, is human body free radical scavenger. According to Japan's Mr Tian Tayong test results to confirm the anti-aging effect of tea polyphenols than 18 times more vitamin E.
The function and effect of green tea, we have to understand the composition of green tea, so as to find out the effect of green tea and function principle, the principle of the function and role of green tea actually is very complex, green tea, after thousands of years of evolution, the inside of the components interact with each other, eventually just had such a unique efficacy and role!
1. Help to slow the aging: green tea contains antioxidants help fight aging. Green tea inside contain a substance called polyphenols, have very strong physiological activity and oxidation resistance. So is human body free radical scavenger.
2. Help to inhibit cardiovascular disease tea polyphenols on the human body fat metabolism plays an important role.
3. Helps prevent and anti-cancer tea polyphenols can block synthesis of ammonium nitrite and other carcinogens in the body, and has directly kill cancer cells and improve the body immunity function.
Green tea for cancer prevention: to prevent the occurrence of cancer, although still in research stage, but more than a cup of tea will inevitably has its positive encouragement. Even so,
Green tea is not any people can take, such as pregnant women are not suitable for drinking green tea and just operate on the patient. Because, according to a recent study showed that green tea contains a substance: EGCC, it can prevent "new angiogenesis, the reaction semeai death good cancer cells are effective!
Green tea has a very good effect reducing weight, but should not drink green tea during the menstrual period, and nursing. For men are often smoking and drinking, summer often drink green tea will be beneficial to the body. Green tea has a good detoxification from ingesting, thirst quenching function, can effectively reduce the damage to the liver.
In addition, green tea has antibacterial, prevent cancer, inhibit the pathological cells activity function, can effectively alleviate the harm of smoking to the lungs, reduce the risk of lung cancer.
 4. Contribute to the prevention and treatment of radiation injury of tea polyphenols and their oxidation products with obvious absorption of radioactive strontium 90 and cobalt 60.
5. Helps to inhibit bacteria and virus resistance Tea polyphenols have strong convergence effect, the pathogenic bacteria and virus have obvious restrain and kill effect, to diminish inflammation has obvious anti-diarrhea effect.
 6. Antibacterial sterilization: green tea catechins in part as to the cause of human pathogenic bacteria have inhibition effect, beneficial ingredient polyphenols in green tea helps to protect the digestive tract, prevent gastrointestinal tumorigenesis. Also gargles with green tea can prevent bleeding gums and kill bacteria in the mouth, keep the mouth clean. Green tea contains fluoride and catechins may inhibit the caries activity and reduce dental plaque and the occurrence of periodontitis.
7. Help to beauty Tea polyphenols is water soluble substances, wash your face with it can remove facial fat, convergence pores, with disinfection, sterilization, resist skin aging, reduce the ultraviolet ray in sunshine radiation damage to the skin effect and so on.
8, whitening and uv protection: everyone knows that the skin to prevent oxidation, prevent ultraviolet ray, even the young woman is no exception. Experts in animal experiments found that green tea catechins in the class material can resist UV - B cause of skin cancer. Want to whiten and prevent colds will drink more green tea!
9. Help refreshing pick-me-up The tea caffeine can cause human body central nervous excitement, enhance the excitement of the cerebral cortex process, rise to refresh the thoughts, sedative effect.
10. Help diuresis refreshing tea in caffeine can stimulate the kidney, prompting urine eduction body outside, rapidly improve the kidneys filter out rate, to reduce the harmful material residence time in the kidney. Caffeine can also expel excess lactic acid in the urine, helps the body eliminate fatigue as soon as possible.
11. Help lipid digestion, tea aid digestion and reduce fat effect, said that in today's fashion language is help to "lose weight". This is because the caffeine in tea can increase the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion, strengthen the ability to break down fat.
12. Thin green tea: green tea contains theophylline and caffeine, can by many activated protein kinase and three glyceride lipase solution, reduce the accumulation of fat cells, thus reach the effect reducing weight. Compared with pepper, coffee, such as diet, green tea is more peaceful and effective thin body!
13. Helps protect teeth and eyesight High fluoride in tea, every 100 grams of dried tea fluoride to 10 mg - 15 mg, and 80% of water-soluble ingredients. If drink tea 10 grams per person a day, it can absorb water soluble fluorine 1 mg, 1.5 mg, and tea is alkaline beverage, inhibits the body of calcium reduced, the prevention of dental caries, tooth, strong teeth, is beneficial.
14. Good thinking brain: drink
Green tea, can increase the wanxian temperament; Second, green tea contains caffeine can make you energetic, work with a clear head, active thinking. And the caffeine in green tea is far less than the amount of coffee, little irritation to human body more coffee. The results show that the insufficient drinking 2 cups of green tea a day or more than three cups of a 50% drop in the possibility of identifying disorder, drinking three or four cups a day or no big difference.
* Green tea is a kind of precious and noble tea, drinking green tea is not only a spiritual enjoyment, is a way of cultivate one's morality raises a gender. Although many green tea brings to the human body function, but we still cannot ignore its taboo. For example, the elderly, liver patients, patients with urinary calculi, in patients with gastrointestinal and fever is best not to drink green tea.

Matters needing attention :
1. Avoid is used a green tea, drink overnight tea cream. Tannic acid in green tea will be combined with a lot of drugs, precipitation block absorption, affect the efficacy, as the saying goes: the solvability medicinal tea. Overnight tea time is too long, the vitamin has lost, and the nutrients in the tea can be bacteria, mold and breeding of nutrients.
2. Cold stomach shoulds not be too much to drink, too much can cause stomach upset. Neurasthenia and insomnia unfavorable drink tea before bed, nursing women were also less drinking tea, because tea have convergent effect to the milk.
3. Hollow drinking tea: tea can dilute gastric juice on an empty stomach, reduce the digestive function, high water absorption rate, cause the bad composition in tea a lot into the blood, and causes the symptom such as dizziness, flustered, move limbs weakness.
4. To drink fresh tea: for fresh tea storage time is short, contain more without the oxidation of polyphenols, aldehydes and alcohols, such as material, the people have strong stimulation of gastrointestinal mucosa, easily induced gastropathy. So fresh tea should drink less, less than half a month of fresh tea should avoid drinking.
5, the special groups avoid drinking green tea: the stomach cold shoulds not be too much to drink green tea, too much can cause stomach upset. Neurasthenia and insomnia unfavorable drink tea before bed, nursing women were also less drinking tea, because tea have convergent effect to the milk. Menstrual period, pregnancy should not be the same drink green tea.
6. Avoid drinking green tea before you go to sleep, because the tea has the effect of refreshing, green tea to drink so can't sleep, affect sleep.
7. One, avoid is a first round of tea, a cup of tea, with boiling water first, immediately pour out, don't drink tea for the first time. The second brew tea, OK!

The health benefits of100%Natural bee pollen:
1, Anti-aging effect: now think that the body of superoxide dismutase (SOD), lipid peroxide (LPO) and fat mass in brown content related to the body's aging.The increase of SOD activity, LPO and fat brown qualitative content reduce, may help to slow down the aging of the body.Bee pollen as its nutrient composition is helpful to improve the activity of SOD, and lower LPO and fat contents of brown, which have enhanced physique and anti-aging effect.

2, Enhance the immune function: pollen of normal and low immune function of animals caused by malnutrition has a significant role in promotion and adjustment.Pollen can promote the development of immune organs, enhance the activity of immune cells, improve the body's immune function, and inhibition for portability tumors, especially can promote closely related to tumor immune activity of T lymphocytes and macrophages, in order to enhance the body's resistance to the action.

3, Adjust gastrointestinal function, improves digestion, increase appetite, bee pollen contains antibacterial, antiviral effect of material, for salmonella, e. coli, typhoid, such as good killing effect, and therefore have the laudatory title of "intestinal police".Pollen and can adjust the function of gastrointestinal tract at the same time, the gastrointestinal dysfunction, ulcers and diarrhea have good health care function.

4, Protect liver function: pollen can prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver, so can prevent liver for fatty liver, the liver have good protection effect.At the same time the pollen is a senior nutrition agent, restore liver function in patients with chronic hepatitis have good health care function.

5, Adjust the action of the nervous system: pollen have positive adjustment function on the nervous system, can promote the growth of brain cells, strengthen the function of the central nervous system.Pollen can also increase the excitability of brain cellmake the fatigue of brain cells to recover faster.Therefore, the pollen is regarded as a best mental fatigue recovery agent.

6, Has good effect to cardiovascular: pollen contains rutin and flavonoids, soften capillaries, enhance the function of the capillary strength.Therefore, pollen can be used to prevent atherosclerosis, also can prevent the cerebral hemorrhage, hypertension, retinal hemorrhage, stroke sequela, varicose veins and other geriatrics.

7, To prevent prostate disease: pollen has significant curative effect on chronic prostatitis, and can prevent an enlarged prostate, prostate disorders.China some pharmaceutical factory to pollen as main raw material to produce the "Top", "Nemesis" medicine called prostatitis.

8, Promote hemopoietic function: pollen is helpful for the improvement of the bone marrow hematopoietic function, which is one of the pollen auxin can promote growth and development, also can make people with anemia and hemoglobin to grow rapidly.Bee pollen is rich in trace elements such as iron, cobalt, phosphorus.Thus, promote hematopoietic function of remarkable effect.

9, physical strength enhancement effect: pollen contains REDOX ability to enhance and improve tissue cells, accelerate the speed of impulse transmission between nerves and muscles, and improve the ability to respond.Athletes after taking pollen can enhance physical strength, endurance and explosive force, increase the lung capacity, quickly eliminate fatigue and maintain a good competitive state, is a kind of outstanding strength enhancer.

10,Nourishfacial appearance beauty: Bee pollen have the function of the hair, skin and hair care, and to face problems, have a very good cosmetic effect.Is known as "can be taken orally cosmetic agent", is the best natural beauty and health products for women.

Bee pollen storage and how to eat it: Bee pollen is a kind of natural nutritional health products, without the processing can be directly edible, this will prevent certain nutrients loss in the machining process.Bee pollen must be placed in the refrigerator storage, clothing available when edible lukewarm water (Below 40 degrees), also can chew, stir in the pollen is mixed with honey or edible, bee pollen, 2 times daily, in morning and evening take best on an empty stomach, if before the stomach feel uncomfortable after taking bee pollen, change can be taken within half an hour after the meal;Bee Pollen is ground into powder, and can also be available volume with a blunt water, all can get satisfactory result.

Dosage: Bee pollen dose should be according to the user's physical condition and taking aim.Under normal circumstances, adults for the purpose of health and beauty, generally can take 5 to 10 grams per day, strong manual laborers to build you up, for the purpose (Such as athletes) or used as a disease, such as prostatitis, etc.), the daily dosage can increase to 20 to 30 grams.3 ~ 5 years old children daily dosage can be between 5 ~ 8 g, 6 ~ 10 years old children daily dosage 8 ~ 12 g is advisable.Because the bee pollen is the most natural nourishment, qing more adequate action person, there is no way.

*Note: To the pollen allergy please careful use! Bee Pollen allergy symptoms:
1, Gastrointestinal allergy, the condition is characterized by taking after can cause abdominal distension, and have similar pain in my stomach, appear such circumstance should be changed to a meal, most people will be normal after using a few times, a few will not improve, you should stop taking.

2, Skin allergy, can appear the skin SAO is urticant, red dot, if still not used to, after taking several times should stop taking.